Special Guests

Workshops with Ding Xinmin and Xie Yelei

Saturday, 01. December 2018, 16:30 – 18:00 PM

Große Halle, Schwimmbad, Fallersleben
15,- EUR Children up to 12 y
20,- EUR Adults

Master Ding Xinmin

  • Allround Wushu Talent, chinese Philosophy, Calligraphy und Dance
  • Author of several books and articles about Wushu, Philosophy and Calligraphy
  • Chairman of the Hebei Wushu Federation for traditional Wushu
  • Founder of the “Longmen” Wushu
  • 7. Duan Wushu
  • Specialized in Shaolin, Xingyi, Bagua, Wu Taiji
  • Carrier of several honorary titles like the “Outstanding Taijiquan Promotion Award” of the Chinese Wushu Association
  • Torchbearer of the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008

Prof. Xie Yelei

  • Professor of the Sport University of Shanghai
  • National Coach for Tuishou of the PR China, Head Coach for Tuishou of the Sport University of Shanghai
  • National Champion in Tuishou, Chen-Taijiquan, Taijijian
  • Chen-Taijiquan in the 12. Generation
  • “Hong-Pai” Chen Taijiquan in the 3. Generation
  • National Referee
  • Instructor of the Chinese Health Qigong Association
  • Head Coach of the Shanghai Qigong Team